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Time in Ukraine


To truly understand the mind-set that brought about some of the most cleaver military innovations the world has seen between the 1950s and 80s, one must understand the life-style in the USSR at this time. The genesis behind these innovations was one of survival and domination. All efforts and technologies were directed at development of the best possible military designs. Current life in the USSR during this time period was not one of posh casinos, large screen TVs and Japanese boom-boxes! The focus was on superior military might at any cost. We had our top engineering minds tirelessly working on war machine-monsters. All of these designs years ahead of their time compared to the reset of the world.

When focusing on the development of USSR Military Vehicles one fundamental requirement was that they operate reliably anywhere on the globe. They needed to perform in the hot sands of Kazakhstan to the mountains of Tajikistan... On the roads of the Far North, in impenetrable forests of Siberia... to the wetlands in Belarus!

Legacy of the Cold War - this is what we offer.

Iron Monsters of the Soviet Union in your garage - in the 20 century it was simply impossible to imagine! Earlier it was " " (TOP SECRET), now you can buy these unique vehicles!

Russian Armored Cars-this is not a toys!

Are you ready to feel the Soviet Power? You'll be able to cope with it?

Can you feel the Power!

If you are not scared, then ...

Welcome to us!

P.S: Ideal for desert or prairie Nevada snow in Alaska! Ride through the mountains, cross the swamps, swim