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Medium  artillery  tractor - ATS-59 G

Artilleriyskiy Tyagach Sredniy - 59, or ATS-59 (from Russian: Артиллерийский Тягач, Средний (АТС), meaning medium artillery tractor) was a Soviet Cold War era artillery tractor.

Crawler tractor ATS-59G. It is intended for towing trailers, transportation of people and various goods by all types of roads and terrain.

Medium artillery tractor, model 1959, tracked. In the Soviet army used in the 50-60-ies. as  for towing heavy artillery, for example 130 mm M-46.

In excellent condition. Was in stock at the Ministry of Defence(in deep conservation).

Cargo weight, kg: 2700-3000

Gross trailer weight, kg: 8000-14000

Curb weight, kg: 13,750

Engine: A-650 (family B-2 )

Power at 2600 rpm , kW (hp): 300 (with power limiter)

Diesel Fuel

Maximum speed km / h: 45

Fuel consumption at 40 km / h, l/100 km: 156

Equipped with a cabin with radiation protection (creating pressure, overpressure). Has an older and a simple analog - ATS-59 (with a 2-seater cockpit of small size, the rest of the machines are identical). Made in Poland. Consumed by the engine oil - MT-16P.

Only from former Soviet Union (not China, not Poland or Hungary ...)

Only high quality! Without alterations! As new!


The price includes a full pre-sales: the replacement of all oils and fluids, chemical cleaning the interior, washing and more ...

You have to pay all import customs taxes in the USA when the car arrives in your entry port.

The seller pays only for delivery of the car!

ATS-59 G
Year : 1980
Model : ATS-59 G
Mileage : -
State : good
More : -
Price : 25 999$