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BAT-2 (heavy engineering vehicle)

BAT-2 is a heavy engineering vehicle and is designed for paving the way forward, clearing rubble and roads, development of trenches and shelters, etc. This machine is a further development of engineering machinery BAT-M.

BAT-2 was developed based on the prime mover MT-T. The machine is equipped with protection against weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Engineering machine BAT-2 equipped with an adjustable bulldozer blade that can be exhibited by a hydraulic grader and dozer. The width of the blade in position bulldozer - 4,57 m and a grader position - 4.3 m front blade has a special blade, which is regulated by the depth of penetration into the soil.

BAT-2 has a crane capacity of 2 tons and a winch with a pulling force of 25 t. One hours of work for one BAT 2 need of 80-100 liters of fuel consumed.

For transport the blade goes up on a special frame, and the crane boom falls back along top.

Crew BAT-2 is located in the cab in front of the vehicle. There is also compartment demining in which could accommodate 6 people. Partially armored corps.

BAT-2 is very passable, maneuverable and manageable heavy military engineering vehicle.

Performance characteristics:

Length: 9.64 m, width: 4 m, height: 3.69 m

Weight: 39.7 tons

Engine: 46-4, 710 hp power (522 kW)

Fuel tank capacity: 1746 l

Fuel consumption: 275 - 300 l/100km, 80 - 100 liters per 1 Moto / hour

Cruising range: 500 km

Travel speed on the highway: 60 km / h over the ground 35 km / h

Performance: laying cross-country routes along the bottom 3 - 8 km / h on snow - 8 - 15 km / h

Civil engineering: 350 - 400 m3/hr

Lifting capacity: of 2 tons

Winch line pull: 25 ton

The unique engineering vehicle!

This real Soviet monster!

You just need to show where to drive...

...and do not interfere ... will be road!

Year : 1985
Model : BAT-2
Mileage : 350
State : Very good
More : -
Price : 55 000$