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Functional specifications for the use of civilians BRDM:

  • Using a BRDM for the transport of valuables and precious cargo;
  • Can be Equipped with the modern requirements of VIP-auto (leather interior, DVD, air conditioner) and used as a personal armored all-terrain vehicle, as well as to transport VIP - persons;
  • Using modernized BRDM under difficult conditions, off-roads, hunting, and fishing and mans active leisure.

Make business:

  • Carriage clients on weddings, corporate parties, birthdays...
  • Use a photo and video advertising, promotions...
  • Placing your brand on the BRDM-2 and the whole town will talk only about you!

From this vehicles can make a unique armored amphibious-limousine.

Tuning for the BRDM-2 - this is real. Need only your imagination!!!

Sheathing more than 8 mm armored. Armor is designed to almost any collision, and protects not only against bullets fired from all types of firearms (including an old "Kalashnikov"), but also from the fragments of grenades. What is particularly important in a city where in case of an attack for car almost at point blank range - BRDM Armor with stand hitting a bullet of any caliber up to and including 7.62, released from a distance of a few meters away!

Our BRDM gives a head start even the most armored limousine. Other civilian armored vehicles not have such protection no matter how much Kevlar or titanium in it may be.

Central compressor swap wheel allows each wheel cylinder to withstand up to seven bullet holes!

At first glance it seems that this vehicle has four wheels. Between each pair on the board placed two extra wheels - a smaller one. This are pneumatic aircraft tires, inflated to 5,5-6,0 atm. Usually they are in the stowed position - under body. But they can be released and we have four axis!!!. So, you get a floating armored all-terrain vehicle, which can not be stopped! This car on off-roads can be in competition only with a Tank or BTR that really nothing to talk about all other cars....Land Rover or even a Hummer.


The price includes a full pre-sales: the replacement of all oils and fluids, chemical cleaning the interior, washing and more ...

You have to pay all import customs taxes in the USA when the car arrives in your entry port.

Full technical description can be found here: Wikipedia - BRDM-2

In Action:

On the water:

Active leisure:

Year : 1985
Model : BRDM-2
Mileage : 310 mile
State : Ideal state
More : Can change color according to customer
Shipping cost : depends on the countries. Request for e-mail: sales@sovietarmor.com
Price : 27 000$

Year : 1990
Model : BRDM-2
Mileage : 620 mile
State : Ideal state
More : Can change color according to customer
Price : 25 500$

Year : 1983
Model : BRDM-2 RC
Mileage : 248 mile
State : good
More : Can change color according to customer
Price : 22 999$