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Time in Ukraine


Not needed more roads and tracks!

Swamps, mud, rivers - is not a handicap!!

It's not Land Cruiser or a military Hummer H1…

This GAZ.... Russian GAZ 69!

Technical  Information:

  • Engine Type - 4-stroke, gasoline, carburetor.
  • Number of cylinders - 4.
  • Bore and stroke, mm - 82x100
  • Cylinder capacity - 2,12 l..
  • Compression ratio - 6,2-6,5.
  • Maximum power - 55 hp. with. at 3600 rpm.
  • Maximum torque - 12.7 kgm at 2000 rpm.
  • Clutch-dry, single-disk.

Two-way transmission with three forward gears and one backward. Gear ratios: 1-transmission - 3.115 2-channel I - 1.772; third channel - 1,000; reverse - 3.738.

Transfer Case Gear has two transmission with gear ratios 1.15 and 2.78. Low gear (2.78) can be enabled only after the front axle.

Driveshafts  three: intermediate, posterior and anterior.

Main channel single conical, with spiral tooth. Gear ratio front and rear axles - 5.125.

Full technical description can be found here: GAZ-69

Interesting video with GAZ 69:

Interesting Facts:

GAZ-69 in the role of the Japanese military off-road vehicle is involved in some scenes famous movie by Clint Eastwood's "Letters from Iwo Jima" (2006). The scenes relate to events 1944-45. on the Japanese island of Io.


The price includes a full pre-sales: the replacement of all oils and fluids, chemical cleaning the interior, washing and more ...

You have to pay all import customs taxes in the USA when the car arrives in your entry port.

Year : 1971
Model : GAZ-69
Mileage : only 37000 km
State : In very good condition!
More : All the details - the original, without alterations.
Price : 12 999$