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Time in Ukraine



For large military maneuvers and air soft games!!!

For historical war reconstructions!

With this auction we have found in the U.S. a lot of people who are interested in military equipment from the former Soviet Union.

At this time we decided we offer connoisseurs and collectors of military equipment is very original lot - MILITARY FIELD KITCHEN KP 130 (Kuchnya  polevaya  130).

Calculated at 130 people, 4 removable cooking boiler, oven, fuel type: diesel nozzle, with wood, coal Chassis: GAZ-66. Used in geological expeditions, pioneer camps.

All kitchens are new. 

Technical description of the field kitchen KP-130:

  • Number of boilers, units.:
  • For liquid products (eg soups)- two boilers
  • For a second course (for garnish) - one boilers
  • For boiling water- 1 boilers

Capacity of boilers (total / useful), in liters:

  • for 1 meals and boiling water 100/80
  • For the 2 nd dishes 85/75

Volume cabinet ovens, cu. 0.025 m.

  • Capacity of the heater, L 34.5
  • Fuel consumption, kg / h, max
  • liquid (diesel, kerosene) 10
  • Solid 35

While boiling water in the boilers based ignition injectors min. no more than:

  • liquid fuel 60
  • Solid fuel 90
  • Track, mm not more than 1800
  • Ground clearance (under load), not exceeding 360 mm

Weight kitchen, kg

  • Complete (with filled boilers, water heaters, fuel tanks and fuel supply to the frame trailer) 1790
  • with accessories without refueling in 1330

Overall dimensions of the kitchen to the chassis (chassis), mm:

  • Length 3824
  • width 2200
  • Height of Transportation 1620
  • height in the position of 3350


You have to pay all import customs taxes in the USA when the car arrives in your entry port.

Year : -
Model : KP-130
Mileage : -
State : Good condition. Was not used.
More : Shipping cost to your nearest USA big port is INCLUDED in the price!
Price : 9 300$