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The MT-55 (Russian: Танковый мостоукладчик, or tankovyy mostoukladchik) is an armored vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB) tank manufactured by the Soviet Union, based on T-55 medium tank chassis, with the turret detached and replaced by a special bridge launching equipment.

The transformed T-55 chassis differs only by the arrangement of the compartments in the hull. The bridge tank is proposed for an easy and swift crossing of antitank barriers (trenches) and other obstacles with the purpose of facilitating the passage of mechanized and tank units.

The bridge initiating equipment is controlled by a system of hydraulic cylinders; the allocation of hydraulic oil can be controlled both manually by mechanical levers and automatically. The pressure of the liquid is provided by high-pressure piston pumps motorized by the tank engine. All mechanisms of the MT-55 used for laying and recovering of the bridge can be controlled by the crew from the inside of the tank, with hatch covers closed.

To begin the launching process, the vehicle stops short of the gap; then, the bridge swings ahead and down while its two sections open like scissors. The MT-55 span is 18 meters long and can hold up loads up to 50 tons. Later Czechoslovakians modified their MT-55s with gap measuring mechanism and infrared equipment for bridge laying at darkness and named those as MT-55A.

Type: Armored vehicle-launched bridge

Place of origin: Soviet Union


Weigh: t 36.0 t

Length: 9,880 mm (with span)

Width: 3,300 mm (with span)

Height: 3,350 mm (with span)

Crew: 2 (commander, driver)

Engine: Model V-54 or V-55 12-cyl. 38.88 liter water-cooled diesel 520 hp (390 kW)

Power/weight: 14 hp/t

Suspension: Torsion bar

Operational range: 750 km (On roads), 500 km (Off-road)

Speed: 50 km/h

Full technical description can be found here: Wikipedia - MT-55


Year : 1985-1996
Model : MT-55
Mileage : without mileage
State : -
Other info : We have are several new MT55.
Shipping cost : depends on the countries. Request for e-mail: sales@sovietarmor.com
Price : 35 000$