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German warship N-14 Grafinau

A brief history of the ship...

Sale former German warship N-14 Grafinau (factory number # 888-released the Austrians in 1941).

The story ship begins with in 1939, when according to the adopted program in Austria.

Construction has been deployed at three shipyards in the cities Dergendorfer, Korneburg and Linz. All 22 vessels have a name and serial number, starting with N (N-1 and so on to N-22) who pointed out to belong to this series.

Austria was at that time on one side with Nazi Germany, so all the tugs this series, after construction, after a while, were incorporated into the naval forces of Germany.

Ships "N series" enter in composition the mine-sweeping trawlers as a group, performed guard service and escort cargo.

According to plans shipbuilding yard in joint partnership Linz a D Linz, and approved documentation from 13.12.1940 year, construction began on a series of tugs N. Tugs surrendered approximately one per month. The sixth case in the series was N-14 Grafinau (factory number # 888)

This ship in August 1944 was seized by Soviet troops in the flooded state on the lower Danube and was enrolled 10.11.1944 to the Danube Flotilla.

And it was built in 1942 (Linz, Austria) according to the type of river tug boat. Until 10.30.1944 his called the "Grafinau". His brother - "Freudenau now saved in Austria as a ship-museum, and a third twin - "Altenau" (sunken because of mine explosion) in April 1945, was raised by Soviet divers recovered in July 1945 and included in the state of the Danube Company called "Taman". Was sent for recycling in 1996...

Displacement - 300 tons.

Dimensions 47.5 x 7.2 x 1.7 m diesel power plant, 2 x 500 hp Speed 12.5 knots. Armament: 2 x 37 mm, 3 x 20 mm. The crew of 20 people. Former tender 3rd Brigade Navy minesweepers Germany. Built in 1942 (Linz, Austria).

He participated in combat trawling on the Danube.

25.04.1949 he was transferred into the BSF;

23.01.1956 was taken out of service, disarmed and reclassified as a messenger boat;

01.19.1959 was converted and reclassified to the commander ship;

22.07.1961 - in transport and postal;

28.06.1977 - in the ship of communication.

In the early 70s were installed new German engines.

The weapon is dismantled but it we can be made mass-dimensional copy (preserved the entire technical scheme and a description of the gun).

At many mechanisms were German words and the German swastika signs!

The ship is fully operational!

The real rarity!

The last copy!

Only for serious collectors!

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